Using Ekiga with SipGate UK

A while back I provided instructions on setting up LinPhone to use SipGate UK for Voice Over IP. Now, Ubuntu 6.04 Dapper is out, and comes with the all-new Ekiga softphone! Here’s how to set it up to use SipGate.

  1. Sign up for a SipGate account.
  2. Once you’ve got one, sign into the SipGate website and click “My Account”.
  3. Under “Connection Information”, it will list your SIP-ID (a 7-digit number) and password, which you need for the next steps.
  4. Start Ekiga, and go through the configuration wizard. Don’t sign up for an account.
  5. Say Edit > Accounts, and then Add.
  6. In Account Name, enter Sipgate.
  7. Leave Protocol as SIP.
  8. In Registrar, put
  9. In User and Password, put your SIP-ID and password from step 3 above and say OK.

That’s it. No port-forwarding required, no complex setup. Well done the Ekiga people! To test your new setup, call, which is an echo test.

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