Drinking lunch

Just had an entertaining lunch with Steve Chipman and Kevin Smith and Travis. I need to write down all the people I’ve met since otherwise I’ll forget that I’ve met them, which would be a bit bad. Good fun lunch, considering we drank about five beers: that’s a proper lunch. Yes indeed. They’ve all gone off to buy cowboy hats, but I already have a cowboy hat and so am now back at the SxSW venue. Thirsty for more beer, mind, but I probably ought to dial back until this evening. The three of them reaffirmed my contention that no Americans that I know support Bush. We talked politics for a bit; about ten people I’ve met since coming here have said “please don’t judge us by our leaders”. What I don’t understand is that I know plenty of Americans, and they all seem decent literate clever people, and not one of them votes Republican. So where are all the Republican voters? I should stay out of arguments I know nothing about. I did find out that you’re allowed to pay waitresses less than the minimum wage here on the assumption that they’ll make it up in tips. Astounding.

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