Here I am at SxSW. Austin’s nicer than I was expecting, I have to say. We went down by the river yesterday and saw turtles sunbathing on the rocks. Wasn’t imagining that a scene like that would be in a city in Texas. There’s beauty in all sorts of odd places if you look for it. I’m sitting in the day cafe in the Austin Convention Centre, and a chap here was singing a country song about his poodle. He’s now singing a song called “I wish I had a beer sponsorship”. Madness. Although I do now have wireless working. I have been subject to much puzzlement from Mac people here (that is, everyone here) who do not understand why I spend time fucking about with Linux when Macs just work. It’s a pretty compelling argument; I did try explaining about open source, but I was quite drunk. I’m debating putting together an argument around Adobe’s declaration of not bringing current Photoshop to the MacBook Pro (so you have to run it in emulation slow mode). The Gimp will work on both, I shall say. I’m not convinced that this argument is any good, but it may help to illustrate the point. Right, off to see if I can find some of the rest of the gang.

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