Party hearty

At the weekend, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday by going to the mediæval banquet at the Tales of Robin Hood in Nottingham, along with Sam, Ade, Jono and Sooz, Bill and Ginny, and my mum and dad. It was great. A really excellent evening. Monsieur Bald has some pictures, and more will be forthcoming. I got to go up on stage and help the juggler bloke with a trick, and for some reason the audience really liked me and took the opportunity to chant my name every time a volunteer was requested. Not quite sure why, but I can’t deny enjoying it. Everyone seemed to have a really great night; now to look forward to Bill’s 30th! I also garnered much cool loot for presents, including Monkey Picked Tea, a Phobile, Mr T. in my pocket, some Jelly Babies, and a really rather nice new coat. I love birthdays. Thanks all for coming and making it a great party!

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