Welcome to 2006

Here we are in 2006. The year in which I turn thirty, hooray! Well, maybe not hooray, Mum and Dad are here today (and yesterday) for a belated Christmas; yesterday was a little bit muted because Sam and I didn’t get to bed until about 4.30am New Year’s Eve, but it was still good. NYE itself was excellent; the LugRadio crew piled round to Jono’s to argue about things and eat Matchmakers. Once again we demonstrated that Jono is wrong about everything, which was good. Or maybe not. Really good evening, though. I got to test out my phone by sending a Happy New Year text message to pretty much everyone I know, only to have the sending repeatedly fail because the network was busy. I imagine I am not atypical in this. Nice to discover that you can send one message to multiple recipients, though; I keep discovering that the SonyEricsson phone UI is streets ahead of its Nokia or Motorola competitors in lots of little ways. I got a set of optics, on which I have now mounted four bottles of spirits. There’s something rather cool about being able to pour someone a drink like you’re in a pub. Don’t know what it is, but it’s cool nonetheless. I’m also struggling with a threading issue in Gtk for a project I’m working on, about which more news soon. Happy New Year to all of you; I hope it’s a good one.

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