Happy New Year

Well, the New Year’s celebrations begin soonish. In about an hour I’m going over to Jono’s and we’re recording the New Year edition of LugRadio, ready for release on Tuesday; and then the LugRadio team are going to party hearty until the dawn, or possibly until we all fall asleep drunk at 12.01am. I’ve also just driven somewhere to drop off a parcel and was guided there perfectly by my wonderful new satellite navigation box. Plus, Andy gave me The Dark Knight Strikes Again for Christmas yesterday, which I haven’t even had time to read yet. In other Andy news, he left his computer here because it’s broken. If I drop an Ubuntu install CD in and hit Enter to boot, I get loads of segfault errors before it even gets to the first menu. The same thing happens with a Knoppix 3.4 CD, and it’s apparent that the thing that’s segfaulting is busybox; when Knoppix chucks a wobbler on booting it drops me to a shell, and using “cp” to copy some files throws a segfault. Why might this be? I’m totally at a loss. Booting the Windows 2000 setup CD also errors before it gets to asking any questions. I’ve run memtest86 from the Breezy install CD and that says that all the memory’s fine. It’s an Asrock K7V88 motherboard with 512MB RAM in it. Suggestions welcome.

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