Merry Christmas

I avoided posting on Christmas Day: as my Gaim away message said, I was “Enjoying Christmas with my family rather than being on the internet”. :-) A good day. Delicious roast dinner, nice beers to drink with Sam’s dad, and I got a Navman iCN 320 sat-nav thing for the car. We went out and tested it, and it pretty much got everything right; it got a bit lost once in a housing estate because it obviously felt that I should drive down one particular road, which meant that when I tried to ignore it it kept sending me back to that road through various enlarging and circitous routes. So I drove a mile in the wrong direction and then it found us a new way to go. Well pleased with that. The best bit, though, was watching Sam and her dad and Niamh play with Niamh’s train set, with Niamh squealing in excitement every time two trains looked like they were about to collide. I wish I’d taken a little video of it but I was a bit slow off the mark, what with reading How to be Good by Nick Hornby, which seems pretty reasonable in the 80% or so that I’ve read. In other reading news, Tim got me Smax by Alan Moore, which was also great. I like Christmas, especially when it’s in my house rather than someone else’s. And there’s lots still to go; off to Sam’s mum’s tonight, the LugRadio crew are here on Wednesday, Andy on Friday, my mum and dad on New Year’s Day. Nice. Hope you all had a merry Christmas, gang. See you in the New Year.

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