SurfControl in libraries

I’m in the public library. They have the rather neat feature that you can use the net for free; good on the library! I’ve just been reading up about cross-compilation, and I followed a link to an IBM article, at, which seems to no longer exist (thanks for that, IBM!). It’s not in the Google Cache either, so off I went to the Wayback Machine. The URL*/ is unavailable to me, because apparently it’s been “blocked by SurfControl”. Now, I don’t blame the library particularly for putting in some blocking software, since they’d never get any government funding without it, but this is why blocking software is bad. You see, they have this big list of URLs that you shouldn’t go to, but the Internet Archive would give you a way of getting to those URLs without visiting them directly. So, what’s the solution, boys and girls? Yes! Block all of! Hooray for that! Thanks! Morons. The Peacefire people have a lot more to say about this, including examples of where blocking software is used by the manufacturers to push a political agenda, which is contemptible. Of course, I can’t see that from here, because that site is also blocked by SurfControl. No hidden agenda there, obviously. Update: Bloglines is blocked as well. Those damned seditious bloggers; can’t have you reading any of that.

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