I need a new phone

Right, here it is: I need a new phone, and I’m looking for your advice on what to buy. I have a set of requirements:

  • A flip phone, or in some other way not have the buttons on the outside (it can have a slide, for example)
  • SyncML support
  • Enough Java support to run Opera Mini
  • Looks nice
  • Cost me nothing to upgrade to it
  • Available on Orange in the UK
  • Decent UI
  • Decent battery life
  • Bluetooth

I’d like a phone that does all those things: none of them are negotiable. If you were about to suggest any of the following, know that I have rejected them: the Motorola V3 (no SyncML, crap UI), the Samsung E720, Z500, D500, E530 (horrifically ugly), the Nokia 8800 (very feature-poor). I didn’t think I had that difficult a set of requirements, but apparently the conjunction of “nice looking”, “flip phone”, and “SyncML” is the empty set. Please prove to me that I’m wrong.

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