d.Construct aftermath

I am now back from d.Construct ‘05. It was great; the clear:left guys did a good job putting it all together. I have learned a number of things:

  • If you’ve got a widescreen laptop, change the scren resolution so that it’s not a widescreen resolution when you plug it into a projector, otherwise some of your presentation gets cut off and people laugh at you. I hasten to point out to people that it wasn’t a problem with S5 (or with Linux, for that matter, although apparently Macs can auto-sense the projector resolution? That’s really cool if true.)
  • It is possible to drink so much that you wish you were dead the next day. Superb evening out drinking; mAd respec’ to Budd, Rutter, Hammond, and Amy.
  • People are doing open-source Flash development stuff; it always seems weird to me to be proud of developing open-source code on a closed platform. Windows and the Mac are the same here.
  • My head still hurts a little bit.
  • There is a web community in the UK. We need to do more with it.

The talk I gave on DOM Scripting and Ajax is available.

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