Opera Mini

WAP browsers on mobile phones are all pants. You know this. Sadly, there aren’t any decent HTML browsers out there unless you buy a phone with a browser built in (and they all seem to be XHTML browsers, which implies to me that they don’t work with 99% of the web) or buy a browser. Buying a web browser? What is it, 1995? I’ve been using a Java midlet HTML browser that’s rubbish; doesn’t do forms, for example, which means no Google. Until now. Now, there is Opera Mini, which works fantastically. It’s only available from Opera if you’re in Scandinavia, but numerous people have mirrored it if you were to, e.g., search Google for ‘operalow.jad’. Once you find a URL for operalow.jad, just point your phone’s WAP browser at that URL, and job’s a good-un. Eric pointed to the release, so cheers that dude Eric. A real browser on my k700i! Hooray!

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