LugRadio season 3 episode 2

Ah, another day, another episode of LugRadio. Whether the weather, episode 2 of season 3, is now out. Go get it, and mention it on your weblog or on news sites you read or something. Slightly disturbing LugRadio news: a bloke has named his machines after the LugRadio team. I think Yonkeltron, the Official LugRadio Stalker, has some competition :) We talked in the show about how “the world has a memory”: that if someone applies for a job, you can google their name and find all the things that they’ve written on the web. The things they wrote about their last boyfriend, or about your company, or about how they spent time at work surfing rather than working. It’s going to take some time to adjust, I think, to this new world where writing is no longer ephemeral. What I truly hope is that the solution is not that every web writer becomes a politician, where words are carefully savoured and measured for maximum effect and minimum liability potential. Instead, I hope that we get a world where people are still prepared to forthrightly state their mind and then stand by that if called on it. I can’t think of anything I’ve written here that I would deny or feel embarrassed about if questioned by an employer, but that’s not because I avoid writing the embarrassing stuff; it’s because you shouldn’t be embarrassed about the stuff that you believe. Lots of ranting about “Web 2.0” in the episode, too. Andy Budd’s doing one of the talks at d.construct this Friday, and he’s going to be talking about what Web 2.0 is. I shall be watching that with interest, because I’m one of the people involved in building this Web 2.0 and I don’t know what it is…

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