Make 3D DVD covers with Linux and the Gimp

There’s this whole big community of people out there making custom covers for their DVDs. These covers are really pretty, most of the time. People work on them for days and days and days, and then release them to the amazement of the community. However, when they do release them, they don’t normally demonstrate them by just showing people the cover image; instead, they show a pretty drop-shadowed 3D view of the cover instead, looking like it’s in a DVD case. To get that 3D view they tend to use either IMANDIX Cover, a closed-source Windows-only program, or a Photoshop Action (which is a plugin for a closed-source program available only on closed-source operating systems). We in the Free Software community need to get some of that 3D DVD cover action! We need to be able to turn

flat cover


3d cover

Well, now you can. Grab and store it in the .gimp2.2/plug-ins/ directory in your home directory, and then make it executable. Then, get yourself a DVD cover image from somewhere, open it in the Gimp, and click Python-Fu > DVD Cover to get the pretty 3D version. GPL-licenced. I’d be interested in suggestions for other “views” it should do. Now I have one more reason to suggest to people that they can use the Gimp and move away from Windows.

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