Breezy Badger

I’ve now upgraded to the new Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) and so far it all seems fine. Things I have thus far noticed:

  • The new “Add Applications” thing is, um. Not sure about that, because I don’t know which category a new application should be in. I installed Best (the Beagle search tool) but had to search for it to find it, and I still don’t know how to put a Best applet in my top panel. (There’s no applet in the “Add to panel” thing).
  • Best is cool, I think, although I’m not using it really yet. Kudos to the guys who built it.
  • Totem plays DVDs! Woo! The bug that I was suffering from in Hoary has obviously been fixed.
  • Most importantly…watch the “Ubuntu FAQ Guide / Networking” header in the following: A movie of the Gnome 2.12 Yelp help-viewer window being shrunk, showing the 'breadcrumb trail' dynamically adapting itself to the width of the window See how the header dynamically adapts itself to the width of the window? I wrote that. My code is in Ubuntu! Woo! I mean, it’s a tiny amount of code, but I don’t care. :-)
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