OpenTech 2005

Today I was at the OpenTech 2005 conference in London. It was pretty interesting. Met some cool people: Jeremy Zawodny ; Jeremy ‘TiddlyWiki’ Ruston; Ewan Spence ; Tom Steinberg and Francis Irving from MySociety ; Dave Green and Danny O‘Brien from NTK ; Natalie Downe ; and Simon and Jono and Sooz who I knew already :)
Much interesting stuff was talked about. There was a lot of BBC Backstage discussion, unsurprisingly, and I need to enter their competition; Mike Ryan has sold both Jono and I on the need for a MythTV box, I think; and Kamaelia might be a very cool thing indeed from Auntie Beeb. Oh, and Simon hassled me nine times about doing some Django stuff, which is already on the list. :)

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