A book baton

The musical baton meme has undergone a transmutation, a metamorphosis out there in the wilds of the internet, into a book meme instead. And it’s been passed back to me by both Dustin Diaz and the Cannibal. On with the show!

Books owned
About, ooh. 800 or so? We used to have about 1500 but we cleared down the library or not in order to (a) make room for the piano and (b) get rid of a load of books. If you react in horror to the idea of getting rid of books (bear in mind that we gave them to charity shops; they didn’t get burned or anything) then I feel your pain, but we had no choice. To be frank, the way the policy worked was that if either Sam or I could think of any even remotely plausible reason why a book should stay then it stayed. And we still got rid of 700 books. These were books we’d had for years; that had travelled from house to house, being packed into and out of boxes, and hadn’t been opened, let alone read and enjoyed. I haven’t missed any of them, and I really hope someone else has picked them up in those charity shops and liked them and paid for them. It’s a book’s destiny to be read, not to sit on a shelf and get dusty, so I got all the ones that I didn’t want to read back into circulation.

Last book purchased
The Discworld Companion by Terry Pratchett and CMOT Briggs. Fascinating, although I was reassured to realise that I knew most of it already. Bit disappointed that some of the entries look like an entry in an encyclopaedia but are actually just direct word-for-word lifts from the books.

Book reading right now
I never just read one book. There’s the aforementioned Companion for one thing, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (with review when I get a round tuit), and the books lying around half-opened on my desk are Exile by R. A. Salvatore and Night Prey by John Sandford. Upstairs lying around there are a couple of Tom Clancy oeuvres, I believe. Oh, and Fred Forsyth’s Avenger too, which is pretty good.

Books that mean a lot to me
First, and always top of the list, is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Best book I’ve ever read, that.
Other than that…the list changes a lot, I think. The Dragonlance Chronicles will probably show up in it, as will something by John Sandford. The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. My copy of Legend by David Gemmell. It varies depending on how I’m feeling.

Other ~~suckers~~ volunteers to do this meme

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