The WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force

Some exciting news: the Web Standards Project have set up the DOM Scripting Task Force to boost the quality of scripting on the world wide web. There are lots of very important scripting people who are part of it, like PPK and Jeremy Keith and Dean Edwards and Christian Heilmann and Derek Featherstone. And me, too. DOM Scripting is, I think, the most important thing that remains to be sold to the web development community; structured HTML and stylesheet-based design are now known as the superior techniques and people are following them. (As Mark Pilgrim once memorably said, “It is quite obvious to me that these are the future of the Internet and of the computing industry in general, and if you don’t see that by now, I can’t help you. Adapt or get left behind.“) The nature of decent scripting, though, is still a bit out in left-field; there’s too much perception that scripting is (a) for kiddies who want flashy effects or (b) bad for accessibility or© not part of a proper web hacker’s toolkit. The DOM Scripting Task Force is going to do its best to change that. You can read the WaSP’s official press release about the Scripting TF, and the DOM Scripting task force’s official site will be garnering content as time goes on. Web developers: this is your call to arms. Get on, or get out of the way.

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