London bombings

Things seem to be quietening down in London, as I write at 1.45pm. There’s a decent liveblog over at europhobia for up-to-date news; the BBC notes that bloggers across London are providing eyewitness accounts. With mobile networks and landlines down, the net has been the way that everyone’s staying in touch; I’ve been able to ascertain that people I know in London, like our firm’s London office, Tim, Tom and Lynne , Dean , and Richard are all OK within minutes of asking. If I had relatives in London and didn’t have the net I’d be pretty frantic by now. Rumours are still flying thick and fast, but most of them seem to be unfounded, and it would appear that no more attacks or events have happened since about 11 this morning. The FTSE’s going mad, but again unfoundedly, and people are calling on the traders to calm down a bit. The Wikipaedia has also risen to the challenge, as a good summary of events within minutes of them happening. Soon things are likely to switch from a hunger for news to an outpouring of analysis, which is likely to include the statement from Al Qaeda claiming responsibility, and whether it’s legit. Tony Blair has left the G8 summit to fly to London, so we may hear the word from the top at some point. It’s reassuring to see the lack of hysteria; although London’s seriously hectic by all accounts, it’s the hecticness of an extremely busy city, not the hecticness of mindless panic.
Hope everyone’s OK.

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