Pledge completed

I signed up to a pledge to mail my MP to get free wifi in the British LIbrary as long as 20 other people would do the same. Twenty people have pledged to do the same, and consequently I have written to my (new) MP, Lynda Waltho.
The text of (the relevant bit of) my letter (sent through Write To Them unsurprisingly) was:

I’m writing to ask you to help convince the British Library to offer free wireless (WiFi) access to the internet. Currently, the Library do allow people to connect to the internet while inside the library, but charge a rather high rate of £4.50/hour. While the Library is a
(perhaps the) superb place to garner knowledge, it’s good to supplement that knowledge with that available on the internet, and libraries are the best example of the government’s drive toward better free public education. The New York Public Library (in its significantly more
free-market-biased economy!) offers free WiFi access to visitors to the library, and I’d like to see the British Library follow suit; it leads the world in most areas of free access to knowledge, and it would be a shame to see it falling behind in this one thing.

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