A political survey

So, I’ve just got my results for an interesting online political survey, and you can read those results. I tend to be most like Green Party voters, which is interesting. More interesting is that it thinks that I am “slightly left-of-centre“, which differs from my self-characterisation of “fairly left-wing“. However, I think that it actually knows where the centre is, and I don’t; in every single point on this survey, a large majority of people were to the right of me. So much so, I think, that I believe that I’m defining “centre” as actually being a bit right-wing, because the British population as a whole isn’t normally distributed about the centrist position; they’re normally(ish) distributed about a right-of-centre position. This is why we have one a-bit-right-wing party in power, and the Tories have had to go even further right to distinguish themselves.
It’s reassuring to note that I consider myself left-wing and so does the site, so I’m not totally deluded. I shall be voting neither Labour nor Tory tomorrow.
Do your own survey (assuming that you read this before you vote tomorrow…)

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