Cleaning up the Keep New section

No time to do proper writeups on any of the stuff I’ve got bookmarked, so one of the (all too frequent) linkdumps:

  • Robert Love pimps the F-Spot photo manager. I still can’t decide whether I want a local photo manager and then publish my galleries to the web, or whether I want them just to be on the web in the first place. I’m having much the same problem with email: at the moment I’m using Gmail. Its UI falls down by comparison with Thunderbird, and there are some things that I’d like to do with mail that I can’t do with Gmail, but it’s such a faff having to fetch all your mail down and then read it by connecting to your home machine; means I need to open up SSH ports, run an IMAP server, all that crap. It’s a lot easier just to use it at Gmail. Not sure what to do about this. F-Spot seems to be the best photo manager around; of course, it being a Mono app doesn’t help, what with my unreasonable anti-Mono prejudice.
  • Bryan Clark on consistency versus design. “Eat a McDonalds hamburger, then spend 4 days walking in the Sahara desert with no food come back and eat that same burger; it will be the best burger you’ve ever tasted in your life. Context is everything.”
  • Glyph, the eccentric genius behind Twisted , has a neat little hack that pops up a Python window linked with Nautilus from a Nautilus window. This would be very useful when experimenting with nautilus-python, which is something that’s key to a fair few of the ideas on my projects list. I did play with it before, but it just segfaulted; that bug will have been fixed by now, but I haven’t had time to get back to it.
  • looks pretty cool.
  • Jeremy Keith with an excellent monograph on not using CSS for behaviour—no more :hover, because that’s behaviour and should be done in the behaviour layer. I’m all in favour of this.
  • More Jeremy, with Adactio Elsewhere which aggregates all the bits of Jeremy across the web: photos at Flickr, wishlist at Amazon, links at These web services with open APIs make it possible to construct a complete application for managing all your digital stuff without actually doing any work, hardly, yourself. This distributed nature of apps is really cool. I was a bit disappointed that Adactio Elsewhere just displays the various things and doesn’t integrate them into each other or into an overarching “digital Jeremy“, but I’m expecting that for version 2, assuming that I don’t write it first :-)
  • Simon Willison points at an SEO presentation that is worth reading (beware PDF), from Andy King.
  • Musings on the presidential, leader-focused nature of UK Election 2005 from Tom. He’s not wrong. I think El Tony is dying out to have the stature and personal recognition of W—in short, to be a president—and therefore the Tories are fighting the battle the same way. It’s a shame to see the Lib Dems going along with it, though, because they’ve got by far the most rational platform. Well, they have if you don’t like nanny-state authoritarianism and you don’t hate black people, anyway.
  • Sdogi congratulates me on releasing stuff: This is actually very good time to mention Stuart Langridge, LugRadio presenter. Very nice job posting your works.. I really liked that. That’s what I do all this shit for, words like that. Gave me a nice warm feeling inside.
  • Jono has been playing with Xgl. It’ll be cool. When it actually happens. Please let it happen; if I knew a way to make all this cool stuff happen quicker I’d do it. We really have a chance to steal a march on the Longhorn guys and achieve parity or better with the Mac in this area, and I’m worried that it’ll just stay as a compile-it-yourself-from-CVS project until Windows do it, and then suddenly it’ll be important. Of course, I’m not doing anything to help that, but that’s (partially, I admit) because I don’t know what I can do.
  • LugRadio series 2 episode 15 will be out on Monday. It’s really good. :-)
  • While we’re talking about LugRadio, LugRadio Live 2005 is pretty much sorted now, and it’s going to be superb. It really is. I’m very excited about it!

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