You must sign in using a Microsoft .NET Passport

A bloke has used, and liked my Tory poster generator. Unfortunately, despite the specific instruction to the contrary, he hasn’t saved his own copy of the image it generated; instead, he’s linked directly to the image that the Generator generates. That means that it’ll disappear in about half an hour, because the queue gets cleaned up (so that it doesn’t eat all the disc space on my server; his was the 53327th generated image). So I thought I’d post a comment to tell him to not do that, just like he was instructed. But I can’t post a comment on his weblog, since apparently I need to have a .NET Passport to do so. Fuck that. Why should I sign up to some massive overarching identity thing just so I can post comments? I haven’t got a TypeKey identity for exactly the same reason. So, that bloke’s image link is going to be bust. Sorry, that bloke, but you should have read the instructions.

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