Clearing out the postbox

Lots of posts circling above Heathrow, none of which I’m going to have time to write, so: a linkdump. Bah. Wish I wasn’t so busy.

  • On Call Bald does a short series on VoIP: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. He and I had a play with SIP last night; the UI for all SIP clients is shite. I’d like to fix it; I thought about hacking on Shtoom but I can’t even get that to do a call. KPhone was successful, but I’m a much better Python hacker, hence Shtoom. Maybe when it can connect properly I’ll start hacking on it.
  • ANdy Budd pimps the SonyEricsson K750i as a replacement for the K700i that both he and I own. I think I want one of these.
  • Hixie bitches about Ajax and other names like “DHTML“, when you could just say “HTML + script“. I think he’s wrong, partially for marketing reasons which Angry Matt is better at explaining than I, and partially because “Ajax” doesn’t just mean the technologies, but also the mental structure and approach. But this argument has played out all over the place already.
  • Glom looks pretty cool.
  • Jonathan Riddell’s KDE4 wishlist. I’ve said before (on LugRadio) that I think that Jonathan seems to see the same issues with KDE that I do, and he’s trying to fix them. That’s really good.
  • If you have a physical copy of a program you can modify it, legally according to a recent court decision (in the US). Good news.
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