Full-screen video conferencing

What software is there that allows you to do video conferences with multiple people and can show the people as just the images on a black screen, with the whole screen used? I don’t want a little window (or multiple little windows) on your desktop; instead, I want something like my mockup of tilted pictures from the other day (although don’t worry about the tilting or anything like that). The point of this is: while you’re in a video conference, it’s all you’re doing, so it’s fullscreen. It’s not there so you can see someone’s face while you still write stuff in Word. Can any video conferencing software go fullscreen? Important point: I don’t care about text chat, I don’t care about audio. Just video. The audio will be transmitted by another method. Yes, yes, I know iChat in Tiger can do it, but that doesn’t help me; I’m looking at this for work, and work is all Windows boxes (so no GnomeMeeting either). It should be Free Software too, ideally. Trillian does video chat, but it needs to be the Pro version, which is a bit expensive. I’m looking for suggestions…

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