FIxing text/plain HTML in Firefox

Firefox, correctly but annoyingly, displays HTML pages served as text/plain as the raw HTML rather than as rendered HTML. Someone has come up with a very useful bookmarklet called Force HTML which fixes this. It’s pretty clever; it just reads the text from the page into a string and then document.write()s it back into the page. I would not have thought of this!
I’d like to make this a GreaseMonkey script, so that I’m never bothered by this problem again, but there are two small issues with that. Issue 1 is that I can’t work out how to discover what the content-type a page was served as from JavaScript. (This isn’t a major issue; I could check for the document element being pre and the page content containing lt and gt characters and guess from that that it’s HTML being served as text/plain, probably.) Issue 2, a bit more seriously, is that when I do implement it as a GreaseMonkey script it crashes the browser. I am guessing that this is because GM runs before proper page load, and replaces the content of the page with a totally different page using document.write(). This probably screws things up. Once I’ve narrowed this down to a test case I’ll submit it as a GM bug, although I suspect Jeremy and Aaron and crew will say: don’t use document.write() to make the whole page disappear when you’re still in the middle of rendering that page.

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