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Some bloke has written this cool little Python script where you feed it a Flickr tag like, say, “sunset” and it grabs 50 photos with that tag and averages them together. The results are cool in a modern-art sort of way What I’d like is to have some of these on my wall in that stretched canvas frame sort of picture; where you have a wooden square with the picture on canvas which is stretched over the frame and then stapled behind. PhotoArtistry have a service where they’ll print a photo of yours on canvas and then stretch it onto one of these frames and send you the resulting picture. It seems that an 18“x18” picture will be £44 + VAT + £10 delivery, coming in at £61.70 per picture. That’s pretty steep, since you’d want four or five of them, but they’d look really, really cool. The look of the pictures seems to suit the roughness of canvas to me perfectly. If you just printed them they’d look all shiny and glossy (and even more so if they were, say, in a clip frame) and that’d make them look rubbish. Any other suggestions for how I can display these pictures without a visible frame and without them looking glossy without paying sixty quid per picture?

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