Connecting a DVD player to an old television

Niamh’s television is old. Old enough, in fact, that it doesn’t have SCART or S-Video or composite inputs. Just an RF aerial and a weird little 5-pin DIN socket, whatever that is. I wanted to connect a DVD to it. Now, I know that I could go out and buy a SCART-to-RF modulator, because I did buy one last time I connected a DVD player to that TV; however, it was thirty quid, and I don’t have the one I bought any more (I loaned it to my mother-in-law, who has lost it). So I thought: I’ll google to find out what the little DIN socket is, to see if I can connect it up that way.
On the front page of hits for old hitachi television 5-pin is a post I made explaining how I connected it up with a SCART-to-RF modulator last time. And in that post is a link to Dave Farquhar writing about the same problem wherein he says: connect the DVD player to a VCR, connect the VCR to your telly. So I’ve just done that and it worked perfectly.
I often use the internet for help on stuff. It’s not all that often that the help I get is from my own damned website.

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