LugRadio Live!

Well, episode 10 of season 2 of LugRadio is out, and lots of stuff has changed.
For a start, we’ve got real permalinks to episodes! Look! FInally we creak our way into 2003! This all comes as part of the brand new site design, done by Matt, and is a present from us to ourselves on our first birthday as a radio show. Fuck me, it’s been a year. Stream-of-consciousness musing on this coming soon.
Secondly, I have learned that a complex pyblosxom site with lots of pages #including lots of other pages, with lots of plugins, is too slow to run on a medium-power machine when it gets hit a lot by downloaders. Sorry if you were a victim of that. So the site is now blazingly fast because it gets mirrored hourly to static HTML and that’s what gets served up. This only works if your pages don’t actually contain any dynamic content—i.e., they are generated dynamicaly, but when the next punter comes along the page that is generated dynamically is the same—but that’s OK, because exactly meets that criterion. I need to investigate running PyBlosxom under mod_python rather than as a CGI, but I don’t really get mod_python (and I totally do not get WSGI stuff), so this static HTML renderer thing was a quick hack that will hopefully solve the problem. The mod_python learning experience will solve it for too, mind.
The most important thing revealed in the episode, however, apart from it being called “Ginger Ball of Fury” (guess who that was about?) was…

LugRadio Live is happening!

Yes, on Saturday 25th June 2005, the Molyneux Stadium, home of the famous Wolverhampton Wanderers, plays host to the UK’s premiere free software event. Come on, you know that the Expo’s pretty crap nowadays and full of corporate rubbish and the only reason you go is to see cool people: come to LugRadio Live instead! (or as well, if you insist) We’ll have cool talks, exhibitors (but no-one in suits), lots of cool people, and beer. What more could you ask for?
Watch the LugRadio Live page for more detail, and there’s also the LugRadio Live forum over at We’d love to see you in Wolverhampton.

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