Use HTML 4.01, not XHTML

Kevin Yank, in the latest Sitepoint Tech Times, writes that SitePoint’s DHTML book will be published with HTML after some evangelism by the author of said book. Since said book is my book, and said author is me, I’ll note that I was really pleased that Kevin was open to discussion on this point. As he said, he tut-tutted my use of HTML 4.01 in the book rather than XHTML, and I responded (probably more forcefully than I should have) with my view that XHTML is a pointless and overhyped waste of time and energy at this point. Kevin, to his credit, took those views on board; he himself says that he’ll stick with XHTML for his own projects, but that the book will use HTML 4.01. Large kudos to him for not being taken in by the XHTML community’s hype on this!
(Cheers to Richard Rutter for alerting me to this.)

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