Installing Hula on Ubuntu Warty

So, I’m going to have a crack at Hula on my Warty box. Here’s the stuff I had to do to install it.

  1. I created $HOME/src/hula/install and $HOME/src/hula/trunk directories, and then cd $HOME/src/hula/trunk.
  2. Fetch the source from svn as described on the installation pagesvn checkout svn+ssh://[email protected]/svn/hula/trunk/hula.
  3. Next, install a load of packages so that it’ll work. I had to install automake1.7, g++, libssl-dev. You might need others which I already had installed for one reason or another.
  4. Now do ./ --prefix=<prefix>. I set the prefix to be \$HOME/src/hula/install, because I’m going to try not running it as root; I want it to run n non-standard ports so that it doesn’t conflict with my existing SMTP and IMAP servers.
  5. make
  6. make install
  7. cd $HOME/src/hula/install
  8. ./sbin/hulasetup --ldap=10389 --http=10080 --https=10443 --webadmin=10081 --webadmins=10082 --dns= (wait until it finishes)
  9. ./sbin/hulamanager (this will stay running)
  10. In your browser, go to http://localhost:10080/ and log in with username admin, password hula.

Well, that’s the theory. Actually, I so far can’t get it to run; in the syslog I keep getting ”localhost mwpref[3099]: Could not connect to NMAP server 16777343 (code:-1)” and I don’t know why. The people on #hula:freenode are pretty helpful, though. For now, I surrender; I’ll come back to this tomorrow.

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