Setting up Pyblosxom

I’ve just mailed Sarabian a bit of advice on how I set up Pyblosxom websites. Note that this is probably pretty specific to me, but I present the advice below anyway in case it’s useful to someone else:

I tend to set it up like this: /var/www/ /html /pyblosxom /pyblosxom.cgi / /.htaccess [1] /pyblosxom /Pyblosxom [2] /plugins [3] /sites /blogging-hacks

[1] content is: deny from all [2] This is the Pyblosxom distribution [3] Put all your plugins in here

Then set, in, py[‘datadir‘]=‘/var/www/‘, py[‘plugins\_dir‘]=‘/var/www/‘, and set the base (the thing which tells it where Pyblosxom itself is, I can’t remember) to /var/www/ Then set up an Apache rewrite rule, something like RewriteRule /weblogs(.*) /pyblosxom/pyblosxom.cgi$1 and then it should all work.

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