LugRadio recordings

Jono has been waxing lyrical about LugRadio’s popularity (warning: linked page contains beard), saying “It never ceases to amaze me just how far our little show is spreading. I am also pleased that now we are over a year down the line, each episode is still as simple to do as when we started. I was a little concerned that it may get a little stale and we may feel the pressure to keep the quality of the show up. Luckily this isn’t the case. We just show up and have a laugh. :)”
He is not wrong. It’s absolutely great, sometimes, when someone says “I discovered LugRadio the other day and thought it was really funny“. We’re slowly insituting a policy of reading out on the show some of the emails that get sent to us (email address is “show” at the LR domain, and they’re fascinating. Listeners from Long Island, Beijing, France, all over the place. I’m really looking forward to meeting (hopefully) some of these people at LugRadio Live, which will be the greatest event in human history. Really. On a par with that meteor that killed the dinosaurs.
The recording of episode 8, which happened on Wednesday, was fantastic. Really enjoyed it. It’ll be out on Monday, and you should all get listening. If you haven’t listened before, why not?

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