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Ah, my earlier random links post went through all the tabs I had open in Firefox, but didn’t go through all the “keep new” stuff in Bloglines. (These should be unified. Fuck knows how, though.) Anyway, more linkdump:

  • A Javascript port of MarkDown (via Michael Moncur). I’m thinking about going to MarkDown rather than Textile for writing my posts, which you don’t care about, and I’m also thinking of going to MarkDown for comments rather than Textile too, which you might.
  • The blogosphere as a tuple space. Interesting.
  • A new BitTorrent search engine, TowerSeek (via Gary Fleming). Good if you like that kind of thing (especially since loads of others shut down). I’ve had mixed results with it so far, but it’s pretty good.
  • Ade talks about XML resumes and whether they’re a good idea. This sort of thing is always good, but no-one ever takes them on. Recruitment people normally won’t even look at a CV unless it’s in MS Word format. Them picking out metadata automatically would make people’s lives a lot easier, but it falls into the category of “Semantic Web pipedreams” as far as I can tell.
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