After a good eighteen months of thinking about it and pissing and moaning about the lack of it and starting and discarding plans, I have a photo gallery. Yay!
Uploading to it is ridiculously easy: I just right-click an image in Nautilus (or highlight a bunch of images and right-click) and say Scripts | Upload to Web Gallery.
I am missing one essential component, which is the editing bit; I need to write myself an administration interface, which will let me add metadata to an image, rotate images, and that sort of thing. But I have one! Superb!
The rather nice camera icon that the left-hand navigation uses is from gphoto.
Some kind of useful writeup must be done on how it all works, but for now I’ll settle for saying that all the photos are sitting in my pyblosxom installation: the gallery is just another weblog. Just say no to databases!
The other cool thing is the thumbnailer, which autothumbnails images when called appropriately; look at some image URLs in the gallery. Don’t deliberately piss about with it too much, if you please, or I’ll have to lock it down ot only rendering certain resolutions. It’s really handy, though, because if I decide that the thumbnails on gallery pages should be bgger or smaller, I don’t have to re-render a load of thumbnails. Very handy. And it wasn’t my idea; it was Simon Willison’s idea, which I immediately stole. Thank god for the Python Imaging Library, eh?
I shall get on with uploading all the photos on my camera to it at some point. But now I have it! Woo!

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