While I was away

Feeling better now, thank Christ. Lots of things happened over the last few days, and I’ve picked up a few seful web bits. Some will get a proper treatment, but first a linkdump; haven’t done one of these in a while.

  • Zed is a launch pad for independent creative expression that uses TV and the Web to seek out and broadcast the best new short films, videos, animation, visual art, performance and music in Canada and around the world.
  • Bruce Perens has written The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source (via Simon Willison). Long and a bit ponderous, but interesting.
  • Open Source Radio. A bloke who does a regular spot on technology seeing whether the collaborative process can help him build a spot on open source.
  • Ed Felten and Matt Haughey are discussing why TiVo aren’t innovating. Heughey’s points are that “lawsuits are killing innovation“, and that “anything that helps customers enjoy TV, movies, or music is a target for lawsuits“, and he’s totally right. “The content company dinosaurs are so wed to their antiquated business models that they’ll send off their legal department to attack at the slightest provocation (this includes imagined potential profit losses).” This is a shit state of affairs. ReplayTV tried to innovate in the TV-playing space and were sued back to the fucking Stone Age by executives incapable of broadening their market in case they lose their white-knuckled grip on it. Arseholes all.
  • Free vector mapping for London! Well, sorta, says NTK. Only London, but if the principle works then perhaps it could be broadened. Links to the ill-fated openstreetmap too, which was mentioned on LugRadio and hasn’t gone anywhere since either.
  • F-Spot has been mentioned in these pages before. It seems to have got a bit cooler. Still not using it, because it’s a Mono application. Yes, this is prejudice on my part. Tough luck.
  • Sam Buchanan talks like the LugRadio team after he listens to LR. Hahahahaha! The day of the LugRadio begins.
  • First Crack podcast. Is that, like, the first crack of dawn? Or is this like beaujolais nouveau but for cocaine addicts? “Le crack premiere est arrive“, as the latest shipment arrives from some hillside lab in Medellin?

More coming up.

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