Aquarion is getting on with stuff again, which is cool. Specifically, he talked this morning about how to solve the ‘subscribe to this feed in my choice of aggregator’ issue (which Dave Winer and Jeremy Zawodny have been discussing at length), and has this afternoon actually built his solution: SubscribeMe. It’s simple; just change your explicit RSS links on your page to point to SubscribeMe instead, and it works for everyone. (See the HOWTO for more detailed instructions, although not a lot more detailed, because SubscribeMe is specifically written to be “the simplest thing that could possibly work“).
Anyway, I’ve updated (and even added a more obvious “subscribe to as days pass by” link on the front page) to use SubscribeMe, so now people who want to subscribe to my RSS feed will find it even easier. Nice one, Aquarion.

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