Very cold fridge

So, there I was in Maplins today, and they were advertising a fridge:

AC/DC Mobile Fridge and Warmer; Holds eighteen 440ml cans!; Cools to 258C below ambient room temperature!; Also warms food to approx. 508C; Dual mains/in-car power supply; Cool silver finish; £59.99

Cools to 258C below ambient room temperature, eh? Well, ambient room temperature is normally about 20°C. So that’s approximately -238°C. Absolute zero, the coldest temperature possible, is around -273°C. So that fridge makes stuff really, really cold. I am amazed that it hasn’t been rushed off the shelf by university science departments and other ultracold researchers: that’s way colder than liquid nitrogen. And it’s only £59.99! Better still, it’ll heat up to 500 degrees! Wow! Not only could you cook dinner in it, but you could loan it to the craft department (when you’re not making solid nitrogen blocks with it) and they could fire clay. What a device! Get yours today!

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