Mozilla DomRef editable by everyone

Simon Willison begs Mozilla to make their DOM support documentation a wiki. I thought: that’s a damned good idea. So I went off to the DomRef website and grabbed the code, and started poking around for the right wiki engine for people to use, when I noticed that it already is a wiki. There’s an “Edit this page” link at the bottom! Look!

See the 'Edit this Page' link in the footer.

I thought at first that I’d wasted an hour looking at suitable wiki engines: in fact, looking at the history of the domref pages at shows that the page has had editing enabled since June 2002.

However… you need commit access to the Mozilla CVS to save the changes. Not all that open, although you can see why they did it. I think, as SImon does, that we need a more publically editable copy of these things, to keep all this stuff up-to-date.

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