The internet dispels myths

So, Sam and I were chatting away, and she told me about a guy who was on Richard and Judy a while back. Apparently this guy was skiing in the Alps or somwhere, and got caught in an avalanche, and his arm was trapped beneath a boulder. And he couldn’t get free. He was pinned there by his arm for three days, and the end was in sight. With the old guy with the scythe, as he thought, just around the corner, the pinned skier came to a drastic decision. He’d have to lose the arm in order to survive. But he had no tools.

So he bit through his own arm. Amputated his own living arm with his teeth.

That’s the worst and most horrible story I had ever heard. I couldn’t stop shuddering at the thought of biting through your own arm.

Then reality reasserted itself a bit. So I looked it up on the internet. And the story, while generically accurate, was actually wrong in almost all particulars. The guy wasn’t skiing, he was mountaineering. In Utah. And, most importantly, although he did come to the blood-chilling decision to remove his own arm, and then actually did it, he did it with a pocket knife. Not his teeth. Now, don’t get me wrong; cutting off your own arm takes nerves of steel, I admit it. But biting through it? Tasting your own living flesh and feeling all that pain? I’m bloody glad it didn’t happen, that’s all I can say.

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