Getting a net connection with OpenZaurus and a Sony Ericsson K700i on Orange in the UK

I wrote before about how to connect to the net from a Sharp Zaurus using IR and your K700i. Since then, I’ve upgraded to OpenZaurus, and the process under OpenZaurus is a bit more complex.

  • Set up the phone the same way as I describe in the previous link
  • On the Z, go into the Network applet in Settings
  • Say “Add”
  • Select “PPP” and say “Add”
  • In “Accounts“, say “New”
  • In “Connection name“, say “GPRS“. Then add the phone number, as described in the link above, and say OK
  • In “Devices“, say “New”
  • “Modem name”: “IR phone” (or whatever you choose). “Modem device”: /dev/ircomm0. “Flow control”: None. “Connection speed”: 115200. Say OK.
  • Say Ok again in the Configure Modem screen
  • Now make sure your new “gprs” connection is selected in the Network Settings screen and say “Start/Stop“.
  • Align the Z and phone and say “Start” to start the connection.

And there you have it.

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