Comment moderation: a plea

I think that, for some weblogs, comment moderation is a good idea. I think it’s a pretty heavy burden on the site maintainer, and it kills the flow of conversations if said maintainer isn’t completely on the ball and approving comments semi-instantly at all times (and that’s why doesn’t do it), but I can see the reasons for it. But please, for the love of Pete, if your site takes newly entered comments and stashes them somewhere for moderation without making them visible, tell the comment poster! It is impossible to tell the difference between “I wrote a comment and clicked POST and the site ignored my comment” and “I wrote a comment and clicked POST and the comment has invisibly gone into the queue awaiting approval“, unless you tell people. Put a big thing up on comment submission saying “your comment is now awaiting approval“, and then people like me won’t try and post it three times or (alternatively) get really really annoyed…

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