Sitting in the bath

So, I’m sitting in the bath. Fully clothed, and there’s no water in it.
Some people might wonder why this is.
Our bath is screwed. When you have a shower, water leaks through the kitchen ceiling downstairs. This is clearly not at all a good thing. Thus, we’ve been putting tons and tons of silicone sealant around the edge of it. This has been tried before and hasn’t worked; the latest theory as to why it doesn’t work is that when someone gets in the bath, their weight pulls the sealant away from the wall, meaning that it no longer seals. This time, therefore, we’ve got that weight in the bath before it’s sealed and while it dries. It apparently takes 24 hours to dry, but I’m not sitting in here for 24 hours. I’ve been here for 45 minutes and my arse is completely numb, so I’m getting out in a sec. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here surfing the net and working out how to do post tagging as part of the grand website redesign (which is fun). Praise the Lord for the gift of wireless networks.

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