Broad sweep trademark infringement

So, I just got this email: > Dear Sir: > >

My name is Eric Sommer and I am the trademark owner of iCapture. It is a trademark for a company I own and you are using

the name in an unauthorized manner without permission and are thus infringing – and have been infringing – on
my exclusive trademark and copyright.

I need to ask you to do one of two things – cease immediately from using it on your website and everywhere else, deliver

all materials that carry the name or logo to me immediately or negotiate a license deal for it’s use and replication. I
will request a review of all your books and records in order to determine what monies are owed as well.

If there are any partners to the projects you have worked on or under, or additional products who use the name iCapture
as well, then they may be liable too, and you should provide me with the names of their corporate counsels wherever they

are located. Additionally, if this is a code project, as a copyright and trademark infringer, all code, all work
product, hard products and all monies made under the name iCapture must be accounted for and may be the property of the
trademark holder.

If you have been using it for sometime, and clearly you have since you have had significant business at your location,
I will ask for some sort of payment for its use. If you have an attorney, please have him contact me.

Eric Sommer
2314 19th Street NW

Washington, DC 20009

You can reach me at 202-255-1995. Trademark and copyright infringement is a serious matter and carries significant
financial penalties – up to treble damages can be awarded.


Eric Sommer

cc: Michael Kessler, ESQ.

Now, all I have that mentions iCapture is a post praising its coolness. Am I worried about this? You will be amazed to hear that I am not.

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