Using Thunderbird as default client on Ubuntu

For my sins, I installed Evolution in the past. I don’t use it; I use Thunderbird. But clicking a mailto link in Firefox starts up Evo. Big no-no. So, I had a poke around. In Computer | Desktop Preferences | Preferred Applications you can choose Mail Reader to configure your default mail reader. TB doesn’t seem to show up in the dropdown, so I thought I’d bang it into Custom Mail Reader. So, what do you put in? I’d have thought mozilla-thunderbird %s. Nope. That doesn’t work. Moreover, if you try that from the command-line:

/usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird/mozilla-thunderbird-xremote-client: Error: Failed to send command: 509 internal error

That’s no good. On the other hand, what’s a mozilla-thunderbird-xremote-client?

/usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird/mozilla-thunderbird-xremote-client: Error: Failed to send command: 500 command not parsable:

Ah, “command not parsable“. It must take the -remote commands.

/usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird/mozilla-thunderbird-xremote-client "mailto("

That works! Yay! So, let’s try that in the Custom Mail Reader box in Preferred Applications. Nope. Dammit. It pops up a mail window, no problem…with “%s” in the To box. Dammit. Any suggestions?

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