Top 3s

Jon Hicks has been naming his top 3s of the year and invites us to do the same using his categories. I think he’d be disappointed with mine.


Couldn’t tell you. I haven’t bought any albums this year, I don’t think. I listen to music a lot—this is why I have an mp3 player in the car—but it’s all stuff that I already own and that came out ages ago. The most recent thing I’ve got on there is probably the first Eminem album, which came out about five years ago…

OS X browser

Don’t even care :) I am no Mac-head. On Linux, the choice of Firefox is obvious. Hear LugRadio passim for why Epiphany is not good.

Site design I wish I’d come up with first

Not really any. As has been remarked before in these pages, I read stuff through an RSS aggregator. There are some pretty neat tricks that I want to do to the architecture around here, but not the design as such, where to me that dictates what it looks like rather than how it works. The neat things that I’m going to steal are mainly described in the Redesign details.

Blog Posts

Don’t know. I mean, I have a weblog so that I can put things in it, not so I can remember them later :) There’s not that much that stands out, but that’s a function of my memory rather than my compadres.


​1. Men With Big Thrones without question. The Men With Big week is the highlight of my year, every year.
2. The LUDEx 2004 (not for the event itself, but for the quality of the people there, including the lovely Casey)
3. tEC7
4. (couldn’t decide between the last two) As Jon notes, the first Geekend. I’d have loved to make it to the subsequent ones, and I’ll try harder next year.


sam and niamh

Niamh (who goes to school in January) and Sam (who’s now been working as a teacher for three months). Couldn’t have done it without the two of you.

Looking forward

Get the book published. Redesign this place. Try and pass the Joel Test at work, but I don’t think I’ll get anywhere with that because people are not interested and I can’t compel it.


Your go. What are your answers?

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