Advent calendar usability

Will one of you usability guys out there get to work on advent calendars? They’re a total pain: the little windows are basically impossible to open without bending the main structure of the thing all over the place, even if you have decent nails, which neither Niamh nor I do. Tom has a flashy wooden one with drawers, which looks very pretty but seems to take some of the mystique out of it for me. I made an advent calendar for Sam, years ago, so that I could put decent chocolates in it rather than horrible ones pressed into a piece of plastic, and it was a disaster. Of course, that might be my ham-fistedness rather than something inherently wrong with the concept. Please don’t suggest that the solution here is to buy decent advent calendars: I’m not paying, like, ten pounds for an advent calendar. I’m just not. The ordinary ones should be easy to open. I can’t think of a way to do this, though. Could be a niche in the market here!

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