I’ve got a new phone, a SonyEricsson K700i, like Andy Budd and Ross Burton. Ross is a nutcase: he had a T68, just like I did, and he transferred his contact details by multisyncing them from T68 to PC and then from PC to K700i. Me, I just beamed them all directly from one phone to the other via infrared. (I’d have done it via Bluetooth if I’d have thought of it, but I’m old-school and haven’t really got on the Bluetooth vibe yet. I’m going to, though.)
Anyway, it’s really superbly cool. New trick, which I picked up off a guy; when you get someone’s mobile number from them, take a picture of them as well and associate the picture with their addressbook entry. That way, when they ring you, you’ll get a picture of them and it’ll help you remember who they are. This applies more if you’re a sales rep or something, admittedly; if you need a picture of your mum to remind you who she is then you are doing something wrong.
I shall be syncing it with my online calendar and contact details at Mobical too, but I’m holiding off on that until my proper number propagates to it in a week or so (I switched providers, so I needed to transfer my number—it was even easier than it was last time!) and everything works right.
It’s cool. Looks really nice, works really well. Plays mp3s, which you can add as ringtones. The only complaint I have so far is that I tried posting here using MIDlog and it didn’t work. Said “Error” but didn’t tell me what the error was, so I shall investigate further. Pretty cool that it runs Java applications; it’d be cooler if it ran Jython, but it seems that a mobile phone with J2ME is too poor an environment to run Jython.
Lots of fun times ahead fiddling with this!

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