Chrysler 300C

It’s a tragedy that Top Gear slagged off the Chrysler 300C so much, because it’s stunning to look at. And stunningly cheap, too, if they do release it here in the UK for (a pitifully low) £29000. I mean, that’s nothing. There are some of you out there who will be thinking: that’s thirty grand! You could get a Boxster for that! Yeah, I could, if I liked Porsches, which I don’t. The 300C looks like the Mafia’s dream car. Fantastic looks, especially in black. I mean, look at it. Wow. Looks like it should be armour-plated or something. I’d feel like Adam Susan driving around in that. Cool.
I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that whatever my next car will be is basically not going to be any faster than my current one, because for it to be so I’ll have to buy something like a BMW M3, and that’s a cool fifty thou or so. So I’ll stick with current levels of performance and instead more luxury. The Chrysler, in addition to looking like the car that Lucky Luciano would be driving around in if he were still with us, has everything built in. Everything. Say what you like about the Yanks, they know about chucking in all the electronic wizardry stuff for nothing. But, if the Top Gear crew are right, it wallows like a fat hippo when you’re actually driving it. Damn. My quest to know what I’ll be buying next (no S2000, it’s only got two seats; no M5 or M3, they’re too expensive; no 300C, it drives like a pig) continues unabated.

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