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From Powergen, via Bill:

We currently support Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 5.0 or above) and Netscape Navigator (Version 7.02 or above).
Whilst not officially supported the site can also be used with Opera (Version 7.20 or above) and Konqueror (Version 3.1.1 or above).
Your Current Browser: Netscape
Your Current Version: 0.10.1 (Debian package 0.10.1+1.0PR-4)
It is recommended that you upgrade your browser to one of the below.

I would have thought that they were clueful people (we support Konqueror! look!), except that they clearly all still use Internet Explorer at work (or one of them would have noticed this).
Alternatively, is the Debian version number wrong?
Nonetheless, regardless of which it is, this shows, very very clearly, the flaws of browser sniffing from the user agent string. Don’t do it, kids!


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