About choice

Some guy called Wheels has been talking about how statements like KDE is about choice and choice is good are bad things. Instead, he’s advocating, for the KDE desktop, that the whole deal of allowing configurability all over the place is harming their usability. I couldn’t agree more. Gnome took this path some time ago, at least partly prompted by Havoc Pennington’s rant on free software UI, and I’d love to see KDE go down the same path. People over in the KDE camp are aware that this sort of thing is a problem; it remains to be seen whether those people can pull the project back from the precipice it’s on, but I’d love to see KDE as a real competitor to Gnome in ease-of-use and innovation. At the moment, for me at least, it isn’t even close. Again, there are people over there who are aware of this, and are thinking of ways to change it. I wish them every, every success.

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